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Breuer, J. and Piso, B. (2013): Occupational therapy in children and adolescents. Literature review on indications, utilisation and recommendations. HTA-Projektbericht 70.

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Reinsperger, I. and Rosian, K. and Winkler, R. and Piso, B. (2018): Re-orientation of the Austrian parent-child preventive care programme. Part XI: Further development of the mother-child-pass: Screening recommendations of the expert working group for pregnancy, puerperium and early childhood (0-6 years). HTA-Projektbericht 92.

Reinsperger, I. and Winkler, R. and Piso, B. (2013): Re-orientation of the Austrian parent-child preventive care programme. Part IX: Recommendations from evidence-based guidelines for screening measures during pregnancy and early childhood (0-6 yrs.) . HTA-Projektbericht 62.

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Winkler, R. and Piso, B. (2013): Mental Health Rehabilitation for Children and Adolescents – Systematic overview of evaluation outcomes and instruments. HTA-Projektbericht 67.

Wolf, S. and Winkler, R. (2019): Rehabilitation for children and adolescents in Austria: A systematic analysis of evaluation methodologies. HTA-Projektbericht 122.

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