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Zechmeister-Koss, I and Fischer, S. (2014): Drug eluting stents for the treatment of peripheral artery disease. Decision Support Document 75.

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The report evaluates the benefit of drug eluting stents (DES) in patients with peripheral artery disease. Only studies for the treatment of lower extremity-disease were identified. In femoropopliteal disease, for one (Zilver®-PTX®) out of two products a benefit in terms of revascularisation compared to angioplasty was demonstrated. However, the strength of evidence is low. In terms of amputation rate or walking scores no difference to other alternatives was shown. It is unclear whether the device is superior to bare metal stents (BMS). In infrapopliteal disease the DES (Cypher®) was not more efficacious than angioplasty. Probably, for short and focal lesions, a sirolimus- or everolimus-eluting stent (Xience V®, Yukon®) is more efficacious than a BMS, however these types of lesions are uncommon in routine patients. The benefit compared to angioplasty is unknown. Safety risks cannot be ruled out for any of the products. Due to several ongoing studies we do not recommend the use of the products in routine care.

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Keywords:Peripheral artery disease, PAD, drug eluting stents, lower extremities
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