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Fischer, S. and Zechmeister-Koss, I. (2015): Intrastromal corneal implants for ectatic corneal disorders. Decision Support Document 85.

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Keratoconus and corneal ectasia after LASIK are rare diseases. In contrast to corneal transplantation that is the most frequently used treatment for ectatic corneal disorders in later stages, corneal implantation is a less invasive and reversible intervention. Therefore, we assessed the effectiveness and safety of these corneal implants.

Since we exclusively found uncontrolled trials, the level of evidence was very low to low. However, the studies predict an improvement in visual acuity with moderate re-operation rates and few adverse events.

The use of corneal implants is less invasive than corneal transplantation and is (in contrast to the latter) reversible. Therefore, we recommend the inclusion -with restrictions- in the Austrian catalogue of benefits.

Item Type:Decision Support Document
Keywords:Keratoconus, corneal ectasia after LASIK, ectatic corneal disorders, intrastromal corneal implants, intrastromal corneal ring segments
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WB Practice of medicine > WB 300-962 Therapeutics
WO Surgery > WO 500-517 Operative surgical procedures. Techniques
WO Surgery > WO 505 Minimally invasive surgical procedures
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