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Kisser, A. (2016): Hepatitis C virus screening in hospitals. Decision Support Document 102.

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Health care personnel regularly carrying out invasive procedures have a higher risk for exposure with HCV positive blood through needle stick injuries. The aim of this study was to analyse the appropriateness of preoperative/preinterventional HCV testing in patients using available data on the prevalence and transmission risk and in comparison to international guideline recommendations.

Recent national and international reports were retrieved for estimates of HCV prevalence and incidence in Austria. Data on hepatitis C as an occupational disease were provided by the AUVA. We defined the factors influencing the patient- provider transmission risk and systematically searched the literature for studies on transmission risk and guidelines with recommendations on HCV screening or transmission prevention.

The effectiveness of HCV-tests in patients to prevent infections in HCW or even reduce needle-stick injuries is not supported by evidence. Current guidelines recommend to universally apply precautions in order to minimise needle stick injuries. Recommendations on preoperative HCV screening prior to elective surgeries are based on expert consensus: no clinical studies could be identified that analysed the effectiveness of the testing on infection prevention.

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Keywords:Hepatitis C, hepatitis C virus, occupational HCV infection, guidelines, preoperative screening
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