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Strohmaier, C. and Kern, J. (2023): Registries in Austria and their utilisation for healthcare improvement. HTA-Projektbericht 157.

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The use of registries in healthcare (planning) is steadily increasing. However, the type, number, and quality of Austrian registries for their utilisation to improve health care services and the healthcare system is currently unknown.

In the course of a structured hand search, 74 Austrian registries were identified. Of these, 57 registries are still active and 31 are publicly funded. Most of the registries were disease-specific registries, most frequently with an oncological or cardiological focus. 35 registries were prioritised for evaluation using the quality criteria list "REQueST", with only 12 registries responding to the request to share detailed information. While most of the quality criteria were met across registries, there was a need for further development in the use of standardised terminologies, the existence of a data dictionary and the possibility of interoperability. The utilisation could be derived from a total of 68 registries. A legal basis exists for 13 of these registries. The objectives frequently pursued by registries with a legal basis were to improve the quality of healthcare and to use them for healthcare planning. A good practice framework with concrete strategies offers guidelines for decision-makers and registry operators.

Information on Austrian registries were partly non-transparent and heterogeneous. Based on the results of this report, the creation of an Austrian registry database is recommended. In order to increase the transparency of the Austrian registry landscape until then, it is also recommended that registries identify themselves on existing platforms (e.g. Further consideration must be given to the use of a standardised Austrian registry strategy. Some existing concepts for national registry strategies (e.g. in Germany or Sweden) provide orientation.

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