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Wild, C. (2004): [Photodynamic therapy/PDT]. HTA-Newsletter 27: p. 4.

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Item Type:HTA Newsletter Item
Keywords:Gartrointestinal canal, gastrointestinal tract, esophageal cancer, bile duct carcinoma, malignant cholangioma, photodynamic therapy (PDT), method of treatment
Subjects:WB Practice of medicine > WB 480 Photochemotherapy
WI Digestive system > WI 250 Oesophagus
WI Digestive system > WI 700-770 Liver. Billary tract
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References:1. CEDIT/FR 1999: Photodynamic therapy in gastroenterology and ENT. URL:

2. ICSI/USA 2002: Photodynamic therapy for head and neck, tracheobronchial, and esophageal cancer. URL:

3. NHSC/GB 2003: Porfimer sodium photodynamic therapy for high-grade dysplasia of Barrett's oesophagus.

4. AETMIS/CA 2004: Assessment of photodynamic therapy using porfimer sodium for esophageal, bladder and lung cancers. URL:

5. NHSCRD/GB 2004: A scoping review of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of photodynamic therapy for internal malignancies.
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