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Kvas, E. (2006): [Drug eluting stents in comparison to uncoated stents in the treatment of cardiopathy]. Rapid Assessment LBI-HTA 01.

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In the course of the year 2006 several studies on the safety of DES were presented and discussed at different congresses for cardiologists. The controversial debates led to uncertainties and a reduced use of DES in several countries, esp. Sweden where data from a registry enforced the observations of increased rates of late stent thrombosis. Already earlier assessments presented no difference in mortality between DES and bare metal stents (BMS), more recent analysis showed increased rates of stent-thrombosis esp. in patient with complex conditions and after discontinuation of co-medication.

Item Type:Rapid Assessment
Additional Information:Reviewed by: Univ.-Prof. Dr. D. Glogar, Univ.-Doz. Dr. Dr. hc. Robert D. Fitzgerald
Keywords:Cardiopathy, PCI, drug eluting stents (DES), Sirolimus, Paclitaxel, off-label use, label use, effectiveness, cost effectiveness
Subjects:WG Cardiovascular system
Series Name:Rapid Assessment LBI-HTA
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