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Wild, C. and Puig, S. (2004): [Me-too pharmaceuticals - Marketing-strategies of drug producers and drug purchasers. Example: Non-ionic contrast media]. Das Gesundheitswesen 66 (11): pp. 716-722.

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In the context of increasing economic pressure upon on hospitalbudgets, it is inevitable that central and standardized purchasing of pharmaceuticals must be considered. It was the aim of this assessment to analyse the many different non-ionic contrast media/CM products on the actual “clinical relevance of the differences” in order to give advice for a more concerted purchasing of CM. The assessment was commissioned by a large scale Austrian hospital cooperation; it can be regarded as the beginning of a broad strategy against the many new, only rarely innovative, but nevertheless patent-protected pharmaceuticals. Eight different non-ionic contrast media - used in routine care - were compared for their physico-chemical characteristics: osmolality, nephrotoxicity, viscosity, hydrophilicity and electric charge. In a systemtic review 193 publications were analysed. Result: The examined CM show similar pharmacokinetic and -dynamic attributes, and no differences of clinical relevance. An optimisation of purchasing pharmaceuticals by standardisation of the range of products takes place in the context of common strategies of producers and buying agents in marketing-economies. The strategies of the pharmaceutical industry (patent protection of me-too drugs, high-price-policy, extensive marketing of up to 40 % of revenue) and the counter-strategies of the central hospital purchasers (marketconcentration, drugcommissions, institutional measures to disentangle interests) are presented - exemplified by contrast media - in this article.

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Keywords:Marketing, pharmaceutical industry, non-ionic contrast media (CM), contrast agents, radiology, rationalisation/rationalization, economisation/economization, costs, effectiveness
Subjects:WN Radiology. Diagnostic imaging
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