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Fischer, S. and Zechmeister-Koss, I (2012): Day Surgery. HTA- Projektbericht 64.

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Whilst in many countries (e.g. USA, UK or Scandinavia) day surgery is common for some indications, in other countries (such as Austria) day surgery is rare. The reasons for this include the lack of financial incentive systems, different systemic structures and shorter waiting lists for surgery.

The aim of the systematic review was to give information about effectiveness and safety of day surgery.

We focused on the most frequently delivered operations in Austria that could be done in day surgery: cataract surgery, curettage, arthroscopic operations of knee, vein ligation, cholecystectomy, adenoidectomy, paracentesis, decompression of median nerve, repair of inguinal or femoral hernia, removal of implanted devices of bones and appendectomy.

For these eleven interventions a systematic literature search in different databases was conducted. In total, we found 35 studies for a data synthesis. On the basis of the studies summarised, we conclude that the following operations can be done safely (and effectively) in both a day surgery and an inpatient setting in those patients who fulfil the eligibility criteria for day surgery: cataract surgery, arthroscopic operations of knee, vein ligation (stripping), cholecystectomy (laparoscopic), adenoidectomy, repair of inguinal and femoral hernia.

For removal of implanted devices from bone, appendectomy, paracentesis, carpal tunnel decompression of median nerve and curettage, studies with a higher evidence level for robust assessment of the safety (and effectiveness) of day surgery are required, even though these operations are already being performed in a day surgery setting in many countries.

High quality studies addressing the comparison of costs between day surgery and inpatient surgery are lacking for all of the selected operations. Day surgery requires increasing attention in Austria, which is especially evident when compared to current international practice in this field.

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Keywords:Day surgery, day case surgery, ambulatory surgery, ambulatory surgical procedures, outpatient surgery, outpatient surgical procedures
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