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Jeindl, R. and Ettinger, S. (2023): Extracorporeal shock wave therapy for orthopaedic indications. Rapid Review Nr.: 002.

Ettinger, S. and Jeindl, R. (2023): Cipaglucosidase alfa (Pombiliti®) in combination with Miglustat for the treatment of adults with late-onset Pompe disease (acid α‑glucosidase [GAA] deficiency). Fact Sheet Nr. 124.

Jeindl, R. and Ettinger, S. (2023): iv Immunoglobulins (IgVena) in recurrent in vitro fertilisation implantation failure and/or recurrent pregnancy loss. Rapid Review Nr.: 001.

Jeindl, R. and Ettinger, S. (2023): Radiofrequency denervation for chronic lumbar or cervical spine pain. Rapid Review Nr.: 003.

Ettinger, S. and Jeindl, R. and Erdös, J. (2023): Biomarkers in Alzheimer's Disease. Rapid Review Nr.: 004.

Ettinger, S. and Wild, C. (2023): CORE-MD Roadmap for Education & Training: Perceived training needs of regulators, notified bodies and clinicians for successful implementation of the EU MDR. AIHTA Policy Brief 000.

Ettinger, S. and Stanak, M. and Huić, M. and Hacek, R.T. and Ercevic, D. and Grenkovic, R. and Wild, C. (2016): Wearable cardioverter-defibrillator (WCD) therapy in primary and secondary prevention of sudden cardiac arrest in patients at risk.. Decision Support Document 103.

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