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Galician Agency for Health Technology Assessment (avalia-t), EUnetHTA and Regione Emilia Romagna (RER), EUnetHTA (2018): Screening for fetal trisomies 21, 18 and 13 by non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT). EUnetHTA-Report. HTA-Projektbericht 103.

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Rosian, K. and Winkler, R. (2017): Psychotherapy - concepts, effect factors and a comparison of legal regulations in three German speaking countries. HTA-Projektbericht 93.

Sehic, O. and Wild, C. (2021): Non-interventional studies (NIS) in Austria, 2nd update of systematic analyses 2016 & 2017. AIHTA Policy Brief 010.

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Wild, C and Wolf, S and Goetz, G and Walter, M and McEntee, J and Stanak, M and Ettinger, S and Strohmaier, C and Erdos, J and Huić, M (2020): Covid-19: HSS/ Horizon Scanning Living Document. AIHTA Policy Brief 002.

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Wolf, S. and Erdos, J (2021): Epidemiology of long COVID: a preliminary report. German short version of the original KCE report. HTA-Projektbericht 135a.

Zechmeister, I. (2008): [Vaccination against HPV in Austria]. HTA-Newsletter 64: p. 2.

Zechmeister, I. and Freiesleben de Blasio, B. and Radlberger, P. and Wild, C. and Kvas, E. and Garnett, G. and Neilson, A. R. (2007): [Economic evaluation of HPV vaccination in Austria]. HTA-Projektbericht 09.

Zechmeister, I. and Stollenwerk, B. and Ara, R. and Ward, S. (2008): Statins for the Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases: An Analysis of Expected Population Health Gains and Cost-Utility in Austria (Part II of the project 'Statins: A comparison between predicted and actual effects on population health in Austria') . HTA-Projektbericht 018.

Zechmeister, I. and Stollenwerk, B. and Langley, T. (2008): Have Statins Met Our Expectations? A Comparison of Expected Health Gains from Statins with Epidemiological Trends in Austria (Part III of the Project 'Statins: A Comparison Between Predicted and Actual Effects on Population Health in Austria'). HTA-Projektbericht 019.

Zechmeister, I. (2008): [Economic evaluation of the vaccination against human papillomavirus in Austria]. Is prevention always better than cure?. Krems, 20.-21.02.2008.

Zechmeister, I. (2008): [HPV-vaccination in Austria. A prediction on long-term effects and costs]. Biomed Austria (Frühling 2008): pp. 8-9.

Zechmeister, I. and Loibl, T. (2011): Reorientation of the Austrian parent-child preventive care programme. Part III: Financing structures of services and public transfers for parents and young children. HTA-Projektbericht 045c.

Zechmeister-Koss, I. and Tüchler, H. (2018): Prevalence of mental disorders and uptake of mental health services in Tyrol: An analysis of epidemiological literature and administrative data from the Tyrolean health insurance. HTA-Projektbericht 113b.

Zechmeister-Koss, I. (2012): Standards on how to parameterise models via published literature: Input of the LBI-HTA for IFEDH work package 4. HTA- Projektbericht 58.

Zechmeister-Koss, I. and Fischer, S. and Erdos, J. (2012): Re-orientation of the Austrian parent-child preventive care programme. Part VIII: Review of economic evaluations and budget impact analysis of outreach services and measures to reduce premature birth. HTA-Projektbericht 55.

Zechmeister-Koss, I. and Reichel, M. (2012): Health status and access to health care of homeless people: A literature review. HTA-Projektbericht 63.

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