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Fried, A. and Wild, C. (2016): Involvement of Citizens and Patients in HTA-Processes – International Experiences and Good Practice Examples. HTA-Projektbericht 86.

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Background and research question: There is consensus among HTA-experts that the involvement of patient and citizen perspectives can valuably complement health technology assessment (HTA) processes. Since the 1990s, scientific papers about different forms and models of participation have been published. Until now sound (cost-) benefit assessments are missing. The present project aims to summarise internationally published models, methods and experiences in a systematic overview. Furthermore it intends to identify and describe obstacles, facilitating factors and lessons to be learned for HTA in Austria by using examples of selected countries and models of good practice.

Method: After an initial hand search a systematic literature search was performed.

Results: The current status of published knowledge on the topic of participation of patients and citizens in HTA processes is still low. Especially with regard to (cost-) benefit assessments of participation processes only occasional description of cases are available. Although there exists few evidence with regard to the impact of patient and citizen participation, it seems to be general consensus that the involvement of the public in HTA processes and health policy decisions is valuable.
To collect and summarise information about "patient experience" also means challenges in choosing the suitable methodology that is appropriate for a particular issue. In Austria patients and citizens are very infrequently and unsystematically involved in decisions regarding health and supply policy. Within the scope of the health care reform 2013, a promotion of public participation was announced.

Conclusion: The participation of patients and citizens in HTA processes is only useful when politicians and decision makers are prepared to come back to this expertise when making decisions.

Item Type:Project Report
Keywords:patient involvement, participation, deliberative democracy, methodology, method, Health Technology Assessment, HTA, patient-relevant outcomes
Subjects:WA Public health > WA 525-590 Health administration and organisation
WB Practice of medicine > WB 60 Bioethics. Clinical ethics. Clinical ethics committees
W Health professions > W 74-80 Medical economics. Health care costs
WB Practice of medicine > WB 102 Evidence-based medicine
W Health professions > W 85 Patients and patient advocacy
W Health professions > W 84 Health services. Quality of health care
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