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Goetz, G. and Walter, M. and Wohlhöfner, K. and Wittenberg, H. and Saal, S. and Stephan, K.M. and Dohle, C. (2021): Robotics and functional electrical stimulation for stroke rehabilitation. HTA-Projektbericht 128.

Jeindl, R. and Goetz, G. (2021): Percutaneous left ventricular assist devices: micro-axial flow pumps. Decision Support Document 124.

Goetz, G. (2021): Stool DNA testing for colorectal cancer (CRC) screening. AIHTA Policy Brief 011.

Jeindl, R. and Goetz, G. (2021): Process and evaluation of digital health applications in the context of "symptom-checkers". HTA-Projektbericht 141.

Goetz, G. and Hofer, V. and Jeindl, R. and Walter, M. (2022): Telemonitoring in Austrian diabetes care: A systematic analysis of evaluation methodologies. HTA-Projektbericht 143.

Wolf, S. and Goetz, G. (2022): Subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (S-ICD). 1. Update 2022: Systematic review. Decision Support Document 109/ Update 2022.

Vandepeer, M. and Forel, D. and Nicolopoulos, K. and Rochet, E. and Ali, A. and Duncan, J. and Goetz, G. (2022): Microwave ablation for liver tumours. Decision Support Document 131.

Goetz, G. and Wernly, B. (2022): Wearable cardioverter-defibrillator (WCD) therapy for primary and secondary prevention of sudden cardiac arrest. Update 2022. Decision Support Document 103/ 2. Update 2022.

Panhuber, A. and Titieni-Schuhmann, A. and Goetz, G. and Wild, C. (2022): CAR-T cell therapy: Contrasting the evidence from pivotal trials with the real world evidence (RWE). HTA-Projektbericht 146.

Hofer, V. and Goetz, G. (2023): Allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells for Crohn's Disease-associated complex perianal fistulas. 1st Update 2023. Decision Support Document 111/ Update 2023.

Forel, D. and Vandepeer, M. and Ma, N. and Goetz, G. (2023): Percutaneous aspiration thrombectomy for pulmonary embolism. Decision Support Document 135.

Gassner, L. and Al Froukh, R.F. and Goetz, G. (2023): Transcranial magnetic resonance-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment in patients with drug-resistant essential tremor. Decision Support Document 136.

Huic, M. and Goetz, G. (2023): Image-guided spinal injections in the treatment of chronic spinal pain: an overview of evidence-based guideline recommendations and specific focus on guidance techniques. HTA-Projektbericht 156.

Goetz, G. and De Villiers, C. (2019): Allograft for anterior and posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Decision Support Document 116.

Reinsperger, I. and Goetz, G. and Winkler, R. (2018): Screening and prevention programmes for children and adolescents from 6 to 14 years. Results from selected countries and recommendations from evidence-based guidelines. HTA-Projektbericht 106.

Goetz, G. and Schmidt, L. and Erdos, J. and Ciutan, M. and Florescu, S. and Sasu, C. and Scintee, S. G. (2019): POCT/ Point of Care Tests: D-Dimer and Troponin. HTA-Projektbericht 124.

Goetz, G. and Mitic, M. (2018): Carbon ion beam radiotherapy (CIRT) for cancer treatment: a systematic review of effectiveness and safety for 12 oncologic indications. HTA-Projektbericht 101.

Winkler, R. and Goetz, G. and Schink, J. and Reinsperger, I. (2019): Screening programs for children and adolescents from 6 to 18 years. Results on selected countries, Austrian screening programmes and recommendations from evidence-based guidelines. HTA-Projektbericht 123.

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