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Goetz, G. and Schmidt, L. and Erdos, J. and Ciutan, M. and Florescu, S. and Sasu, C. and Scintee, S. G. (2019): POCT/ Point of Care Tests: D-Dimer and Troponin. HTA-Projektbericht 124.

Fuchs, E. and Wolf, S. and Scrozynski, G. (2019): Cervical Carcinoma Prevention - Implementation of an HPV screening test for early detection of cervical cancer in Austria . HTA-Projektbericht 121.

Wolf, S. and Winkler, R. (2019): Rehabilitation for children and adolescents in Austria: A systematic analysis of evaluation methodologies. HTA-Projektbericht 122.

Stanak, M. and Strohmaier, C. (2019): Minimum volume standards for quality assurance in day surgery: Fundamentals and Systematic Review. HTA-Projektbericht 125.

Tsvenhrosh, A. and Sehic, O. (2019): Sponsoring of Patient Initiatives in Austria 2018. Update of the Systematic Analyses 2014, 2015 and 2016. Rapid Assessment 007b_3. Update 2019.

Sehic, O. (2019): Pharma: Disclosure of transfers of value in Austria 2018. Update of the systematic analysis 2015. Rapid Assessment 007d_1. Update 2019.

McGahan, L. (2019): Pembrolizumab (Keytruda®) as first-line therapy for PD-L1-expressing, locally advanced or metastatic non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). DSD: Horizon Scanning in Oncology 91.

Grössmann, N. and Rothschedl, E. and Wolf, S. (2019): Horizon Scanning in Oncology 41st Prioritisation – 4th quarter 2019. HSO: 41st Prioritisation.

Wild, C. and Grössmann, N. (2019): FoundationOne®CDx: genetic profiling of solid tumours. Rapid Assessment 014.

Rothschedl, E. (2019): Enzalutamide (Xtandi®) in addition to standard first-line therapy in men with metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer (mHSPC). DSD: Horizon Scanning in Oncology 90.

Schmidt, L. and Prenner, A. and Lohr, P. and Wild, C. (2019): Public & philanthropic financial contribution to the development of new drugs: Methodology & 3 Case Studies. HTA-Projektbericht 120.

Semlitsch, T. and Horvath, K. (2019): Screening for Diabetes mellitus: guideline recommendations. HTA-Projektbericht 118.

Jensen, L.G. and Løvschall, C. and Ladehoff Thomsen, A.M. and Valentin, G. and Risør , B.W. and Gutierrez-Ibarluzea, I. and Galnares-Cordero, L. and Benguria-Arrate, G. (2019): Custom-made or customisable 3D printed implants and cutting guides versus non- 3D printed standard implants and cutting guides for improving outcome in patients undergoing knee, maxillofacial, or cranial surgery. HTA-Projektbericht 117.

McGahan, L. (2019): Brentuximab vedotin (Adcetris®) in combination with chemotherapy for CD30-positive peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCLs). DSD: Horizon Scanning in Oncology 89.

Zapata Cachafeiro, M. and Varela Lema, L. and Faraldo Vallés, M.J. and Fuchs, E. (2019): Irreversible electroporation for the treatment of liver and pancreatic cancer. HTA-Projektbericht 119.

Grössmann, N. and Rothschedl, E. and Wolf, S. (2019): Horizon Scanning in Oncology 40th Prioritisation – 3rd quarter 2019. HSO: 40th Prioritisation.

Rothschedl, E. (2019): Darolutamide for the treatment of patients with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). DSD: Horizon Scanning in Oncology 88.

Schmidt , L. and Lohr, P. and Prenner, A. and Poerio, E. and Ceresola, E. and Andretta, M. and Cavazzana, A. (2019): Robot-assisted surgery in thoracic and visceral indications. HTA-Projektbericht 108.

Harrington, P. and Lucey, D. and O’Brien, K. and Jordan, K. and Moran, P. and Marshall, L. and Wilbacher, I. and Gloeckner, L. (2019): C-reactive protein point-of-care testing (CRP POCT) to guide antibiotic prescribing in primary care settings for acute respiratory tract infections. EUnetHTA-Report . HTA-Projektbericht 116.

Winkler, R. and Reinsperger, I. (2019): Evaluation methods for the benefit assessment of easily accessible, outpatient health centres for vulnerable groups - Target group focus: Homeless and non-insured persons. HTA-Projektbericht 114.

Grössmann, N. and Rothschedl, E. and Wolf, S. (2019): Horizon Scanning in Oncology 39th Prioritisation – 2nd quarter 2019 . HSO: 39th Prioritisation.

Stanak, M. and Grössmann, N. and Strohmaier, C. (2019): 177Lu-PSMA Therapy in Patients with Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer . Decision Support Document 118.

Goetz, G. and De Villiers, C. (2019): Allograft for anterior and posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Decision Support Document 116.

Semlitsch, T. and Ciutan, M. and Scintee, S.G. (2019): Bioresorbable stents for the treatment of cardiovascular indications (coronary artery disease). EUnetHTA-Report. Decision Support Document 81/ Update 2019.

Rothschedl, E. (2019): Olaparib (Lynparza®) as first-line maintenance therapy in patients with newly diagnosed advanced ovarian cancer. DSD: Horizon Scanning in Oncology 86.

McGahan, L. (2019): Atezolizumab (Tecentriq®) with nab-paclitaxel (Abraxane®) for the treatment of advanced triple-negative breast cancer (aTNBC). DSD: Horizon Scanning in Oncology 87.

Fuchs , E. and Geiger-Gritsch, S. (2019): Radiofrequency denervation for lumbar and cervical facet joint pain – a systematic review. Decision Support Document 99/ Update 2019.

Reinsperger, I. and Geiger-Gritsch, S. (2019): Upper Airway Stimulation for Moderate-to-Severe Sleep Apnea. 1st Update 2019. Decision Support Document 100/ Update 2019.

Vreugdenburg, T. and Rosian, K. and Vandepeer, M. and Stringer, D. (2019): Osteochondral allograft transplantation for the knee (or other joints). Decision Support Document 115.

Scarfe, A. and Wolf, S. (2019): Human dermal allograft for massive rotator cuff tears. Decision Support Document 117.

Semlitsch, T. and Geiger-Gritsch, S. (2019): Annulus Fibrosus Repair after lumbar discectomy . Decision Support Document 65/ Update 2019.

Wolf, S. and Rosian, K. (2019): Single/two-step scaffold-based cartilage repair in the knee and ankle joint . Decision Support Document 98/ Update 2019.

Fuchs, E. (2019): Natalizumab for the Treatment of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. HTA-Projektbericht 112.

Grössmann, N. and Wolf, S. and Rothschedl, E. (2019): Horizon Scanning in Oncology 38th Prioritisation – 1st quarter 2019. HSO: 38th Prioritisation.

Wild, C. and Blagojevic, S. and Sehic, O. (2019): Jahresbericht 2018.

Abraha, I. and Chiarolla, E. and Corio, M. and Gillespie, F. and Migliore, A. and Cerbo, M. and Lauvrak, V. and Fagerlund, B.C. and Harboe, I. and Stoinska-Schneider, A. and Wild, C. (2019): Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) in patients at intermediate surgical risk. HTA-Projektbericht 115.

Chiarolla, E. and Orso, M. and Götz, G. and Stanak, M. and Wild, C. and Jefferson, T. (2019): Wearable cardioverter-defibrillator (WCD) therapy in primary and secondary prevention of sudden cardiac arrest in patients at risk. Update 2018. Decision Support Document 103/ Update 2018.

Eder, C. and Wild, C. (2019): Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs): Technology forecast. Journal of Market Access & Health Policy 7 (1).

Winkler, R. and Goetz, G. and Schink, J. and Reinsperger, I. (2019): Screening programs for children and adolescents from 6 to 18 years. Results on selected countries, Austrian screening programmes and recommendations from evidence-based guidelines. HTA-Projektbericht 123.

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